3D printing project group from OTH Regensburg visits GEFASOFT

On Friday, November 24, 10 students from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering visited us together with their professor, Prof. Dr. Wagner, and Ms. Niedermeier, a research assistant.

The cooperation between the 3D printer project group and GEFASOFT has been in place since November 2022.

Harald Grünbauer, managing director at GEFASOFT, started the company presentation with the worldwide locations and showed the wide range of international customers. "The majority of our projects are special developments - which is why our expertise is often in demand when there are no ready-made products off the shelf," said Harald Grünbauer. This is what has made GEFASOFT the size it is today. We can respond to individual customer wishes and requirements and our customers appreciate that.

After the presentation of our company, it was the students' turn.

The task of this year's project group is to further improve the functioning large-scale 3D printer of the previous group. With a print volume of 1000×500×500 millimetres, a heatable printing plate is required to print large parts. This project, combined with the construction of a storage system for the filament, is planned and implemented by the students.

After the discussion and Q&A session, the students went on a tour of the company. Here the systems GEFASOFT is currently working on were shown to them.

A current working student also presented his current test setup to the students. He is a former project manager of the OTH project group "3D printers" and thus came to GEFASOFT.

Of course, the physical well-being was also taken care of. With buttered pretzels, cookies and drinks, the students were able to see for themselves that GEFASOFT is not just about work, but also about socializing and team spirit.