Apprentice excursion 2024

After many of our trainees had taken their intermediate and final exams in recent weeks, it was time for some relaxation and a sporting challenge at the same time. The destination of this year's apprentice excursion was Freizeitland Willaberg in Lower Bavaria.

After breakfast, our apprentices and their training officer set off in two minibuses to play soccer golf. Similar to "normal" golf, there are 18 holes on the course. Each course starts with a tee shot and ends at a hole with a flag. However, instead of playing with small balls and clubs, you are given a soccer and have to try to get it into the hole at the end of the 220-metre-long course with as few shots as possible.

Together we discussed where the ball would roll - whether short or long shots would be best. Sometimes it looked as if the ball had sunk, but then took another turn just before it did. Often a teammate's ball was in the path of the shot, which was then kicked away or fell into the pocket after a carom.

After lunch together, the group visited the city center of Landshut to enjoy an ice cream and cool off after this hot battle before heading back to Regensburg.

All in all, it was an exciting day that offered plenty of action, fun and variety. Above all, the focus was on the exchange between all our apprentices, whether from the office or workshop, from the Nittendorf or Regensburg site.

Many thanks to the management of GEFASOFT Automatisierung und Software GmbH Regensburg for making this day possible for us. We are looking forward to the next outing.