Innovation: Integration module for laser marking and laser cleaning

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Do you know the newest GEFASOFT Laser MARKING & CLEANING Module for Integration?

We bring our GEFASOFT laser process know-how into your equipment!

GEFASOFT like to introduce the Laser Marking / Cleaning Module for integration to you!

With the GEFASOFT laser process module, you benefit from GEFASOFT's long experience in the technology of laser plastic welding and marking.

The GEFASOFT integration module for your project- and customer-specific solution:

  • HMI (interface on customer equipment - optional)
  • Foot console adaptable to your transport system
  • Including integrated laser shutter (Laser Class 1)

If you are interested in new process technology or if you have any unanswered questions, just contact us!

Or visit us @ AKL‘24 – International Laser Technology Congress - Date: 17th - 19th April 2024 in Aachen, Germany (Booth: 04)