GEFASOFT @ AKL'24 - International Laser Technology Congress

Save The Date: April 17-19, 2024 in Aachen

Visit GEFASOFT at the AKL'24 at Aachen from April 17 to 19 and find out more about A2A® laser plastic welding at stand no. 04

This patented joining process with two laser-absorbing joining partners - A2A® (Absorbent to Absorbent) for short - has numerous advantages over the conventional laser transmission welding process. With this process, assemblies can be welded without transparent joining partners and there is also a greater degree of freedom with regard to component design (keyword: laser shadowing). Our comprehensive study has shown that the A2A® joining process is much more robust in terms of component tolerances and material variations than conventional plastic joining processes. All of this expands the field of application of (laser) plastic welding considerably.

The A2A® process also offers the following advantages:

  • Particle-free joining
  • Media and pressure-tight welded joint
  • Combination of different plastics
  • Very short process time
  • Real-time process monitoring of joining force and path
  • Defect detection through thermography (optional)

We are looking forward to your visit!

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