Students of the OTH Regensburg visit GEFASOFT

On Tuesday, February 14, 18 students from the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule (OTH) in Regensburg and three of their professors visited us. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is one of the largest in Bavaria. It offers four undergraduate bachelor's degree programs, four consecutive (postgraduate/follow-up) master's degree programs, and one part-time master's degree program. The spectrum ranges from classic electrical engineering and information technology to mechatronics and regenerative energies, electromobility and energy, and a research master's.
"We live internationality and cosmopolitanism. Regional anchoring and international orientation are not opposites for us, but complementary aspects." - The university has taken this to heart and so it is no surprise that students at OTH come from all over the world and, in turn, students from Regensburg move out into the world to gain their experience abroad. And also for GEFASOFT the motto of the OTH fits!

During the company presentation, the students were amazed when Harald Grünbauer talked about the different locations and service partners of GEFASOFT worldwide. The latest addition: This year, a service branch with local employees will also be opened in Hungary, since many of our customers produce there. And because most of the students only understand English, the lectures and explanations were held in English.
What became apparent during the subsequent discussion: The word SOFT in the company name GEFASOFT directs too much to software development. So even the professors were surprised how broadly the company is positioned. In short films, the students got an insight into our capabilities and specialties, which were briefly and concisely commented live in English by our respective specialists. There was particularly lively interest in the subject of disc test stands. But the students also found the automation systems, our pressfit system and "everything with laser" exciting.

During the company tour, there was a dense crowd in front of the IRISOR, which the colleagues explained to those interested. Many of the young visitors had already studied a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in India and are now at the OTH Regensburg for the "Master of Electrical and Microsystems Engineering" and are mainly interested in the practical application of their theoretical knowledge. So it may well be that we will meet one or the other of them.

In India, more women study technical and scientific professions than in Germany, says astudent from Kerala, in the south of India, but men are still in the majority. She would like to return to her home country after graduation. During the tour of the company, Harald Grünbauer explained the projects currently in the pipeline.

Full of passion, the head of our image processing department explained the laboratory for our head-up display (HUD) control and calibration systems to the students. "Please look only with your eyes," he said, because everything is adjusted to fractions of a millimeter and the slightest change means adjusting everything all over again. He also explained where the journey is headed in terms of HUD. Namely, in the direction of augmented reality. That means: inserting artificial, graphic elements into reality - even better even safer for the driver. And this is also a future market for GEFASOFT, for which they are already preparing.