GCell Multipin Press Fit

Force-Distance controlled pressing of multi-pin connectors to PCB

The Gcell unit provides Force-Distance-controlled pressing of multi-pin connectors. The Gcell is designed in such a way that the charged force works symetrically to join the connector and PCB. Four robust multi-bearings ensure a uniform application of the forces until the actual force is equal to the theoretical value.

The Gcell is semi-automated with manual loading/unloading of a built-in drawer. A data-matrix code is easy to read either on top or bottom of the PCB. Due to the "POKA YOKE" principle (fail-saving system), the upper and lower press tools for the new connectors and PCB configurations can be exchanged within minutes by the system user.

Benefits - Machine

  • Slider or rotary-table
  • Very small floor space required
  • Comprehensive process control
  • Flexible tooling (POKA YOKE)
  • Linkage to MES possible
  • Ergonomic, ease of use

Benefits - Process

  • Vibration-proof connections
  • Safe process
  • No solder used, no problems with silicone
  • Short cycle times



  1. Manual loading of multi-pin connectors
  2. Manual loading of PCB
  3. Manual closing of drawer
  4. Automated locking
  5. Data-matrix reading
  6. MES matching
  7. Travel to press position
  8. Pressing
  9. Electrical pin-check
  10. MES control: good/bad part
  11. Drawer opens automatically
  12. Manual unloading

Total cycle time: 12 to 20 sec (depending on the parts)

Rotary table:

  1. Manual loading of multi-pin connectors
  2. Manual loading of PCB
  3. Press start-button
  4. Data-matrix reading
  5. MES matching
  6. Automatic swivel in press position
  7. Pressing
  8. Electrical pin-check
  9. MES control: good/bad part
  10. Automatic swivel in unload position
  11. Manual unloading

Total cycle time: 8,5 to 10 sec (depending on the parts)