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Laser flash remover

Analysis and Removal of manufacturing flaws

In the semiconductor industry unmolded surfaces often have excess material. The excess mold can lead to problems with contacting and mounting.

Industrial image processing analyses the parts and the excess material can be removed by using a diode laser.

LFR Laser-Precut-Maschine

Fully automated machine for flash removing occured during the mold process. For uprating or for upgrading of the cleaning process, this system has two tool heads. The machine compensates the size tolerance, the laserdrift and the process position of the processed parts with optical measurement using a image processing system. The correction data for the laser is calculated and transfered to the laserprocessor. The laser processes the given part positions with the corrected data.

Main structure

  • Leadframe transport system
  • Machine vision system for laser drift compensation
  • Single or double Galvohead for the lasersystem

Process structure

  • Measuring of the actual leadframe position
  • Calculation of the actual deflash position
  • Transfer of the actual data to the laser control system