Laser marking systems

Lasermarking is defined as labeling or marking of objects using an intensive laser beam. Compared to laser printing where a weak laser beam only controls the pigment application, laser marking modifies the marked material itself. The method and the needed energy depends on the material. Laser marking is water- and wipeproof and very durable. The marking can be done fast, automated and individual.

Features of GEFASOFT laser marking machines:

  • Day & Night design laser marking
  • Vision guided high precision laser marking
  • V2A marking
  • UV-marking
  • Bottom and Top Side laser marking in one machine
  • Verification and Traceability by Vision
  • Combined Processes (paste coating, gluing, testing)
  • Cross Jet cleaning
  • Stand Alone or Aligned
  • Batch and single part production
  • Database driven MES interfaces
  • Touch panel HMI
  • Flexible DXF – based marking
  • RFID coded modular workpiece carriers
  • Flipping unit for multi-side marking
  • PickByLight stock selection
  • Chaku Chaku loading
  • Bad part disposal control
  • Automated report printing
  • Automated label printing