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LUCON®-Serie: LED Driver

In image processing applications the outer dimension and the possible fault location has to be found often. But sophisticated geometry leads to shading; Nevertheless, with a smart placement of numerous cameras and lights and a smart control, these parts can be captured very good.

The GEFASOFT LUCON®-Series, in a master / slave array, permitts the control of LED-light-sources for the perfect object lighting. In numerous modes, up to 16 light sources guarantee a shadowless illumination.

The TWI-technology (Two wire interface) allows a fast and easy configuration of up to 15 modules connected to a master-module. 3 status-LEDs per modules provide a quick overview on functionality.

The comfortable Lumos software package is easily integrated in every application. With this software, the user is able to create and save various lightsituations. All process parameters like current, voltage, temperature, flash duration etc. are saved in an EPROM.


  • Up to 15 modules with 1 master for 16 LED´s
  • Flash, pulse, continous, trigger
  • Delay function
  • Compact, robust housing
  • Temperature surveillance and shut-down
  • Operating hours counter
  • Status LED


  • No cooling required
  • Flexible systemconfiguration
  • Protective circuit for the light source
  • OEM quantities
  • Error detection



Datasheet 10/2016