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In image processing applications, it is often necessary to detect the outer dimension of a component and any defects that may be present. In the case of complex geometry, shadowing can occur. These can still be detected well through the precise placement of several cameras and illuminators as well as clever control.


LUCON® 2 is a precision light controller with current and voltage regulation for controlling LED illumination for ideal illumination of objects in industrial image processing applications. The lighting can be controlled in a continuous mode as well as in a flash mode. Currents of up to 20 A are possible.

By controlling current and voltage, a high efficiency and thus a lower heat generation is achieved.


The modular master/slave architecture allows the LUCON® 2 lighting controllers to be used in a wide range of applications. One LUCON® 2 module is required per lighting system. In total, up to 16 independent lighting systems can be controlled in this way. Since a LUCON® 2 master consists of both a communication and a power section, it serves as the interface between the user and the lighting. A LUCON® 2 slave, on the other hand, has only a power section.


All connected channels can be configured conveniently and easily via a single interface on the master module. The respective channel configuration is stored decentrally in each module separately.



  • currents of up to 20 A per module
  • flexibility through modular design
  • configuration via integrated website
  • ethernet and serial interface
  • integrated error detection
  • no additional cooling necessary

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