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Function integration

Function integration describes in the design theory the target to cover as many technical functions as possible with as few components as possible.

Function integration determines more and more our technological direction and relates our company even in many cases.

On the one hand, our installations and systems have increasingly to assume more functions, as our customers make additional demands on our systems.

To fulfill these requirements, GEFASOFT has a well sound knowledge about the image processing and laser.

Good examples are our modular laser welding systems. Our clients demand not only always more higher type variances of editing components, but also the quality manager expect a complete batch tracking of delivered products as well as downstream tests. This means for a sensor that we not only assemble its two plastic halves by means of laser, furthermore we apply information such as batch numbers on the products. We identify lot sizes over control system connections and distinguish different component versions with our image processing. Finally we also test the tightness. All these processes are already combined in our laser welding systems.

We take care of function integration if customers increase the functionality of the parts. We adapt our technologies to meet their requirements. 

Furthermore function integration is important for us as an image processing system supplier. This customer segment operates function integration by integration for example in a complete assembly line, besides many other processes, on a determined position the optical quality assurance.

Function integration becomes more and more important as a strategical element in the future, which requires profounded Know-How in every development faculties to score with regard to the competitors.

In this connection we offer our customers following specialist skills:

  • Robot programming Stäubli, Epson, ....
  • PLC programming Simatic S7; Beckhoff Twincad 3; B&R, Prodel
  • Standard language programming C; C++; .net
  • Data base integration
  • Control system connection
  • 3D free-form surface construction
  • Integration know How for

    • resistance welding
    • Wig welding
    • Screw applications
    • Press-fit processes
    • Fusion and assembly process controlled by image processing
    • Trim&Form
    • Tamponprint
    • Gluing applications (thermal adhesive, Silgelverguss, uv-hardening glue processes)
    • Fully automatic soldering processes
    • Flow measurements and thickness

  • Own part manufacturing