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Software technologies

Right from the start, software development was an integral part of Gefasoft. Our customers can rely on an experienced and well-rehearsed team.

Realizing projects from the first idea to the ready-to-use equipment or software is one of the major strengths of Gefasoft. By interdisciplinary collaboration in our project teams, we are able to identify and consider important requirements for the subsequent process flow implementation while the project is still in design or construction phase.

In our project teams we utilize short lines of communication, enabling us to efficiently define, implement and test all required interfaces.

PC software development

PC software development

A team of seasoned deveolpers is responsible for implementing PC based applications and tools on two levels:

  • Basic and research development:

    • On-going development of Viper.NET / MAK
    • Implementation of VisionPro Tools
    • Vision algorithms (e.g. HUD, 3D topics)

  • Customer-specific development:

    • Specialized plugins for Viper.NET
    • Custom software solutions with a focus on automation technologies
    • Database driven systems

The focus of PC based software development lies on windows applications implemented with C#/.NET. If required, other technologies and programming languages like C/C++, Java or python are used. Database-driven systems are realized using SQL databases (e.g. MS SQL Server) or NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDB).