GEFASOFT Aprrenticeship Day 2023

Our annual Training Day was successfully held on Saturday, 11.11.2023.

The aim was to give interested students from the surrounding area an insight into our company and the various training opportunities at GEFASOFT.

Using a treasure map with nine stations, our trainees presented their various professions. This gave the young interested parties and their parents a good idea of the content, everyday life and the training process at our company. In addition, information flyers were diligently distributed and thanks to the commitment of all GEFASOFT employees, all questions were answered. Special thanks go to our trainees and their training manager!

We would like to thank everyone involved for the successful event and are confident that we will attract qualified applicants for the 2024 training year.

The date for our 2024 Training Day has also already been set:

On Saturday, 09.11.2024, we will once again open our doors to all those interested in apprenticeships.