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Once again a successful installation


Last week we have completed the installation of an additional test and assembly line at the customer site in Mexico. The line is with a strategic customer in automotive electronics and is made from several independent modules following a lean concept:

1) a laser marking system to have every device marked with an individual DataMatrix ID for further downstream tracking
2) two plastic laser welding systems, on for top side and one for bottom side welding of pressure-sealed covers
3) a manual station for assembly of two gaskets and a locator. The locator is manually pressed in, the pressing travel and force is sensor controlled. 
4) two leak test systems for checking the pressure seal of the laser weld process (two parallel test systems to meet cycle time requirements)
5) an electrical test system for performance tests and burst tests

All modules in the line have DataMatrix scanners integrated to identify the part in process. Every module is connected to a line controller (MES system) to verify the part is ready to process and to return all recorded process parameters and test result to the tracking database.

The entire line has been shipped and installed on time. The acceptance test and part qualification runs have been completed to the best satisfaction of our customer.

[Translate to spanisch:] Testlinie

The test modules (electronic and 2x leak-test) and the manual assembly station are ready to run.


Lasermarker (left) and one of the two laser weld machines

Überblick der Linie

The entire line with (from left to right) test modules, assembly and the other laser weld system

Inbetriebnahme Laser

The GEFASOFT engineers get ready to power the welding laser