Feeding Systems

To handle the wide range of material systems, GEFASOFT offers a comprehensive range of services in the integration of feeding systems.

The flexible feeding system consists of a vibration plate, a GEFASOFT vision system and robotics. Refill bunker according to requested autonomy can be added. Thanks to this integrated feeding system, the components are fed product-gentle and flexible (also vision orientated) to following process stations / transport systems.

For the handling and separation of bulk materials, for example, we integrate vibratory bowls from various partners (afag, RNA). For springs, specialized spring feeders are used. Furthermore, flexible, camera-based sorting is possible, which we realize in combination with experienced partners and our own image processing systems.

We can transfer sorted goods by means of palletizers, integrated conveyor belts or manually. In the case of palletizers, there is the possibility, based on modules from GEFASOFT, to adapt these according to customer-specific requirements or to integrate a preferred system.

Manual feeding is possible by means of an individually designed insertion device or a drawer system.