Integrative Image Processing

Today, it is impossible to imagine Industry 4.0 without image processing. Be it in automated process control or in quality assurance in industrial manufacturing. In addition to complete machines as fully automated manufacturing and inspection systems, GEFASOFT also offers application-specific configured image processing solutions for integration into your production plant.

The Viper.NET Framework forms the software basis for all our integrative solutions. Due to the open conception, camera systems of almost all manufacturers - from line scan cameras to highest resolution special cameras - can be integrated simultaneously. Likewise, a wide variety of 3D sensor systems can be used just as easily as cameras. These include laser profile sensors, interferometers, stereoscopic sensors and sensors based on fringe light projection, all of which generate a 3D image of the surface to be inspected.

Gefasoft Engineering


For the integration of the numerous interfaces during the integration of the image processing system into your production environment, Viper.NET provides tried and tested modules.

This ranges from interfaces to PLC controls and master computer connection, direct control of axis drives and robotics to extensive configuration options for the user interface and long-term archiving of image data. For control of the lighting environment, we prefer to use our own LUCON™ LED lighting control system.

All integration modules of a customer-specific configured image processing solution are built and tested in-house. This enables particularly short commissioning times.

For the maintenance of the applications in operation, all necessary development tools are available to the customer directly under Viper.NET in order to remain independent in the long term. Corresponding training offers from GEFASOFT for Viper.NET and image processing technology complete the offer.

Our integrative image processing solutions can be used in many ways, for example for dimensional inspections, presence control and component identification, for position detection or for the optical inspection of functional surfaces.