Laser Plastic Welding

The most common process for welding plastics in industry is laser transmission welding. In this process, the component consists of a transparent and an absorbent joining partner. The laser beam penetrates the transparent joining partner and couples completely into the absorbing material.

The most modern and flexible process for the transmission welding of plastics is quasi-simultaneous welding. In this process, the laser beam is moved via a deflection unit, also known as a scanner or galvohead. The welding contour is scanned so often and so quickly that an almost uniform temperature is produced in the weld seam. The irradiation is quasi-simultaneous.

Since the contour being traced is determined purely by software and the laser parameters can be adjusted locally along the welding contour, this process can be used very flexibly.

GEFASOFT offers laser plastic welding systems in different variants. Depending on your requirements, we adapt one of our standard platforms (shutter, rotary table and conveyor system, and integrative solution) to your needs. In addition to quasi-simultaneous welding, we can also implement other transmission processes such as contour welding, mask welding or simultaneous welding for you.