Laser Cleaning and Cutting

Laser Cleaning

GEFASOFT has a wide range of experience in cleaning applications using lasers. This includes laser cleaning of joining surfaces to prepare components for bonding or (laser) welding processes.

The iterative cleaning of excess mold material after injection molding, supported by an image processing system, is another example.

Laser Cutting

GEFASOFT offers various customer and application specific solutions in laser cutting of plastics and metals. Our high precision lasers enable a high quality cut point as well as a low taper angle. In this way, the number of splashes and particles is significantly reduced and a clean cut edge is produced.

Due to our comprehensive know-how in the field of automation and image processing, numerous extensions such as position correction or quality control by means of AOI are also possible. The combination with other laser processes such as deburring (Deflash), marking or welding can also be implemented without any problems.