Configuring instead of programming

The Viper.NET® software, developed and maintained by GEFASOFT over many years, is a modular framework that simplifies and accelerates the development and use of industrial image processing applications.

In addition to its use in GEFASOFT projects, image processing experts from global production companies in particular rely on the Viper.NET® platform in their in-house developed applications. Thanks to the open concept and modular plug-in architecture, individual solutions can be created and flexibly configured very easily and without programming knowledge.

Viper.NET® relies on Cognex VisionPro, one of the world's leading PC vision libraries, for the actual image processing algorithms. In addition, the extensive functions of HALCON are available in Viper.NET® as well as special tools developed by GEFASOFT.

Image acquisition is controlled directly from the Viper.NET® framework and allows the use of almost all commercially available cameras and 3D sensors. There is no restriction to specific providers or models.

Viper.NET® fully integrates and automates the entire process from trigger to result return. Users can rely on sophisticated interfaces that are used and optimized on a daily basis in our own systems as well as integrated with other manufacturers. A flexible and modular plug-in model and great freedom in the configuration of Viper.NET® enable rapid functional expansion for customer-specific requirements.

Pre-prepared plug-ins allow the direct control of scan axes for independent image acquisition with laser profile sensors. Another example is component feeding by picking from a vibrating plate. Both the control of the vibrating plate and hopper and the control of the pick robot are encapsulated directly in Viper.NET®.

Further information can be found on our Viper.NET® website: