Image Processing - Inspection, Measurement, Evaluation

We assemble an individual image processing system for you with the following solutions

Image processing is an established component in automatic industrial quality assurance. As the "eye of the machine," machine vision is an essential tool in the continuous optimization of manufacturing processes in the course of Industry 4.0.

As an image processing provider from the very beginning, GEFASOFT has many years of expertise with which we reliably master the diverse challenges for image processing in industrial applications.

Through intensive networking and collaboration with leading technology and research partners, we have access to the latest technologies and are constantly developing our broad know-how. This experience is reflected in our own development of specialized inspection algorithms and in the performance of our inspection applications, which are implemented in the Viper.NET framework.

Formsprachen Element
Formsprachen Element

GEFASOFT delivers customized solutions for automated optical inspection and testing: with our integrative image processing systems based on standard modules, you can easily and quickly integrate prefabricated camera stations into your existing production environment and conveniently configure the associated inspection application in the Viper.NET framework.

If you are looking for a complete turnkey system for the automation of optical quality assurance, we develop customer-specific automated inspection systems for you. Examples of this are the IRISOR or our Head-Up Display Windshield Testbench, in which the most advanced image processing technology is harmoniously combined with many years of experience in automation technology and plant engineering. For the configuration and development of your own image processing projects, you can also purchase our modular software framework Viper.NET under license, as well as our reliable LED light control LUCON®.