After the successful mechanical and electrical assembly of the plant, an internal commissioning takes place at GEFASOFT. Here, the equipment is subjected to extensive tests - preferably in the presence of the customer - to ensure perfect functionality.

Afterwards the equipment is delivered. A team of specialists (mechanics, electricians, image processing and laser engineers, PLC programmers, etc.) will take care of the installation and recommissioning on site. If required, the equipment is also connected to the customer's control system (MES).

Gefasoft Engineering

Detailed training

In the course of external commissioning, comprehensive training of the operating and maintenance personnel is also provided. The training is carried out by experienced employees of GEFASOFT and ensures a well-versed handling of the plant and its operation.

There is also the possibility to modify or extend an already existing plant. These modifications can be carried out both on site at the customer's premises and at GEFASOFT. Just contact us.