Head-up Display Measurement Technology

Automotive Head-Up Display Test Systems

With the fully graphic head-up display (HUD), driver information (speed, navigation, etc.) can be projected directly into the driver's eye via mirror optics and by reflection on the windshield. This technology requires precise matching of the projector installed in the vehicle and the windshield as the projection surface.

GEFASOFT has developed a flexible and reliable image processing system for this requirement to inspect and adjust the fully assembled HUD. This system is capable of capturing the virtual image of a HUD for dimensional accuracy of the various quality-relevant image parameters and storing the correction data in the vehicle. The data of the actual distortion (warping) is transmitted via the vehicle interface to the projector, which generates a corrected image from it.


In addition to calibrating the HUD system in the vehicle in the automotive manufacturers' final assembly (End of Line - EOL), the technology is also used for quality assurance of HUD windshields and in measurement laboratories. The HUD windshields are tested fully automatically on a windshield test bench during the production process at the glass manufacturer's plant. Different windshield geometries can be retrofitted or changed very easily using type-dependent adapter sets.

Formsprachen Element
Formsprachen Element

In cooperation with a leading automotive manufacturer, a compact calibration system (smartBEMI) for mobile HUD measurement was developed, which enables wireless, hand-held testing under industrial requirements. As the world's leading manufacturer of Head-Up Display Windshield Testbenches, GEFASOFT can draw on many years of experience.