GEFASOFT offers comprehensive integration know-how for processes in the assembly of electronic assemblies and in the processing of medical technology systems.

In the area of joining technology, we offer the following processes, among others: Laser welding of metals and plastics as well as press-fit techniques such as GEFASOFT PressFit or servo-pneumatic presses. In addition, the joining process can be realized by means of resistance welding, dispensing, gluing, screwing or latching.

We implement labeling by means of laser marking or labeling, among others. The process of laser marking is supported by our image processing applications, while as a process integrator for labeling systems we optimize the placement accuracy through camera control.

The processes of cutting and forming are implemented, for example, by laser cutting of metals and plastics or punching and bending. In the area of punching/bending, we offer both our own solutions and the integration of existing systems. We also integrate thermal riveting processes (such as IR riveting) for plastics and wobble riveting for metal joints.

We also offer numerous integration interfaces to standard machines from other suppliers.

Formsprachen Element
Formsprachen Element