LUCON® - The precision light controller for image processing applications

Thanks to our many years of experience in industrial image processing, we know exactly what requirements are placed on a lighting control system. This is why we developed the LUCON® controller series. LUCON® controllers are used in thousands of machine vision applications in highly automated machines all over the world.

Further information (manuals, data sheets, CAD models) can be found on our LUCON® website:

LUCON® 2 - Modular lighting controller with up to 16 channels and up to 20 A

Our modular LUCON® 2 lighting control system has a constant current source that can be set in 0.1 mA steps - completely independently for each channel. This supports a mix of any type of LED lighting, regardless of whether it has a series resistor or not. Other advantages of the LUCON® 2 controller include output currents of up to 20 A per channel, a maximum supply voltage of 48 V, an Ethernet interface for fast communication, an integrated graphical web interface for configuration and optically isolated trigger interface.

LUCON® PSL - Light controller for photometric stereo applications

The LUCON® PSL enables photometric stereo in combination with a line scan camera. The incremental encoder evaluation ensures maximum precision. This makes it possible to generate topographic surface images of continuous material or cylindrical objects. Even the smallest cracks and defects in the surface can be detected.

LUCON® 8C-60A - Light controller with 8 channels and up to 60 A

The LUCON® 8C-60A light controller has eight constant current sources, each supplying 60A output current with an accuracy of 100 mA per channel - completely independently for each channel. This means that any type of LED lighting is supported, regardless of whether it has a series resistor or not. Thanks to the maximum current of up to 60A per channel, short exposure times that were previously not possible can now be easily realized. This means that even ultra-fast objects can be captured and inspected in razor-sharp detail. Configuration is carried out conveniently via a graphical web interface directly on the device.

LUCON® DFF - Controller for depth-from-focus applications (pin check)

Using the depth-from-focus method, three-dimensional information can be determined from a sequence of regular 2D images. Equipped with two independent stepper motor controls, one incremental encoder evaluation each and freely configurable inputs and outputs, this controller is suitable wherever high-precision positioning is required. When using linear axis systems, two end stops and the center position can be evaluated.

Further information (manuals, data sheets, CAD models) can be found on our LUCON® website: