Quality Controls

GEFASOFT guarantees the highest standards for integrated quality control. The spectrum ranges from optical inspections and functional testing to process monitoring.

Optical and contactless inspections are realized with a wide variety of imaging systems in 2D and 3D, such as optical PinCheck. In combination with our strong image processing solution Viper.NET, almost all camera-based inspection tasks can be implemented in the production cycle, for example for optical character recognition, surface condition analysis, completeness and dimensional accuracy checks or the detection of particles. Code readers for capturing data matrix or QR code, among others, are used for the identification and tracking of components.

We perform functional tests for electronic quantities such as conductivity, insulation, etc. Other functional parameters for testing in our installations include temperature by means of infrared camera or sensor, weighing systems or leak tests and flow tests.

For process monitoring, we use camera systems for active position correction in the process and for completeness checks. For joining processes such as clamping or PressFit, we rely on real-time monitoring through parameterizable force-displacement-time controls.