Image Processing

Whether completeness checks during circuit board assembly for cell phones, print image inspection on semiconductor housings, surface inspections of running surfaces for engine and transmission parts, or labeling checks for pharmaceutical packaging - image processing ensures that products are inspected and that rejects or rework are detected and minimized in good time.

Gefasoft Engineering

Almost any application can be configured based on the GEFASOFT Viper.NET application. For specialized requirements, the application can be easily extended with customer-specific plugins.
The systems are integrated into your existing manufacturing environment or used in new GEFASOFT machines.

The image evaluation in Viper.NET uses the reliable algorithms of Cognex VisionPro. For more advanced requirements, however, the complete functionality of MVTec's Halcon library is also available thanks to our Halcon wrapper tool. For specialized tasks, proven image processing tools developed by GEFAFSOFT also provide support.

Examples for already realized projects:

  • Completeness checks
  • Position and orientation detection
  • Inspections on various surfaces
  • Vision-Guided Robotics
  • Code reading (e.g. Datamatrix, QR)
  • 3D measurement on surfaces
  • Quality control in medical technology

Due to our well equipped image processing laboratory we have the possibility to support our customers in the best possible way. You are also welcome to contact us for development services, process consulting or feasibility studies.